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Dreaming ... hmmmmmm?

Dreaming is well explained in Ayurvedic wisdom. According to Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute, "Dreams are a discharge of the nerve cells (the Majja Dhatu), the drainage of incomplete thoughts, actions, and feelings."

Further exploration of this concept leads one to understand the value of dreams. As we go through our day we have many thoughts, feelings and actions that we are unaware of or that are incompletely processed. Our brain cells pick up and store the incomplete thoughts, actions and activities and stores them for later completion. In order to restore order (peace), we must complete the processing. Dreams are the activity of the unfinished business, which is that of completing thoughts and their related feelings.

Activities or occurrences within our day may stimulate or activate a stored thought, bringing it to the surface for further resolution.  One may consciously elect to bring attention to dream content to better understand the subconscious cause of a condition or disease. Either way, the dream state is a cleansing time and much of the benign thought is simply cleared out. It is the more "Charged" thoughts that require further work to harmonize.

Any thought on anything is where we last left it. If we left a thought in a disharmonious or disconnected (from source) condition, we will have opportunity to further processes the thought with greater compassion and awareness and ultimately bring it to harmonious resolution and connection.

Working with our dreams can be useful. A dream remembered is an opportunity for greater awareness.